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Instant Emotion was formed in the late 1980s as an attempt to bring depth and meaning to music. The goal was to fuse music, lyrics, and images in such a way as to create a new listening experience for the audience.

I produced many albums as Instant Emotion. This site captures the significant or mature albums produced between 1989 and 2002. I was fortunate enough to work with David Ozab on these albums. His contributions extended far beyond that of an engineer. He was a consultant and a sounding board. Every writer should be fortunate enough to have a collaborator.

After the release of Impressions, I decided to enter a new phase of creating music and abandoned the name for all future projects. Those projects are on another site: www.andrewmaz.com.

Recently, I found myself worn out from creating large concept albums and stories. Maybe it was time to return to the basics of songwriting and write songs that still had meaning, but perhaps not committed to large concepts. Instant Emotion was a philosophy and method of creating music.

Rather than confuse myself and my audience by completely changing directions, I to work on a new album under the moniker of Instant Emotion. This affords me the luxury of not having to explain myself as a writer; I am simply working under another identity.

The past albums are here for your reference and enjoyment.

The new album is in production.