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Recent events in my life forced me to reconsider much of who I was and where I was going. I decided that Exposure would be taken literally. I wanted to look at all elements involving the word: being exposed, exposing oneself, the risks of exposure, and the consequences of exposure. All events relate to telling someone how you feel about them.  This is not new to anyone.

Several people were consulted during the creation of this album. Bits and pieces of their past experiences, as well as mine, find their way into this album. I think that it is safe to assume that everyone has experienced each of these songs at least once.

This album is about honesty and letting go. Believe everything you hear.

Waiting For Something To Happen
If You Asked Me To
Do You Ever
It’s All Up To You
Hang Time
Things I Hate
The Morning After
Maybe I’m Afraid
There’s Only You

words and music by Andrew Maz

Andrew Maz – vocals, keyboards, drums
David Ozab – guitars, backup vocals, lead vocals on “If You Asked Me To” and “The Morning After”

Engineered by David Ozab
Produced by Andrew Maz

Recorded 01/95 – 06/95 Long Beach, CA

©1995 Andrew Maz Music
all rights reserved