Lost and Perhaps Found

Instant Emotion has always been about simplicity and clarity. Lyrics and music should be clear and straightforward. The stories should not have hidden meanings or innuendos. It is about expressing oneself clearly.

The production of Instant Emotion followed similar guidelines. I often worked alone or with close friends who appreciated what I was trying to accomplish. We did not overthink the process or how things would happen; we focused on the music and lyrics.

Over the past year, I have struggled with how to approach the new album, Where It Finds You. I assembled a band and performed three songs with them. However, schedules and intentions changed, and work ceased with that band. I also found myself wrapped up on the Winter project, which took more energy than I thought. All the while, Where It Finds You sat waiting for direction and maybe some inspiration.

I am returning to basics, working with friends from before and keeping things simple.

Work begins on Where It Finds You in April.