The Still Life

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Whereas all previous projects dealt with the unreal, the imaginary, the memory; this project stands alone on one issue. The story is no longer filled with my personal grievances of lost loves and dreams, this is the story of people. I am merely the observer of the outside world interpreting what I see the best that I can. 

There are real people behind every song. Some of these people I have met, others I read about or see walking in the street. Our current society makes relationships more fearful and are treated like formalities rather than relationships. After all, reality is made up of two things: what we are and what we want to be. We can live with ourselves or try to change. Either way is not easy. This is me. This is you. This is the still life.


The Still Life
Looking Glass
Anything Else
Ev’rytime It’s You
Doctor Freud
Set Me Free
Wooden Fence
Maybe Next Time
And So It Ends

words and music by Andrew Maz

Andrew Maz- vocals, pianos, keyboards, acoustic guitars, drums on “Set Me Free”
David Ozab- electric guitar on “Dr. Freud”, backup vocals on “Set Me Free”
Rich Huntley- drums
Rand Hills- drum programming on “Everytime, It’s You”
Steve Scully- electric guitar on “Everytime, It’s You”

Engineered by David Ozab
Produced by Andrew Maz

Recorded 10/89 – 07/90 La Jolla, CA

©1990 Andrew Maz Music
all rights reserved