Through The Looking Glass

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We all are looking glasses for one another. Our interactions with each other are what leads us to constantly examine ourselves. By being with other people we see parts of ourselves that we may not have otherwise see. It is all part of the process.

Sometimes we get lucky. Sometimes the most unexpected events can lead to new discoveries that reveal more about ourselves than we imagined. Sometimes one person can affect the entire way you look at yourself. The perspective may upset you, but on the other hand, you can grow from that.  It’s not about change. It is about realization.

I find no reason to explain the events that transpired during the creation of the album or the people involved. Those who were there know. Those who were not can learn from the songs.  The events were sudden, exciting, and intense.

The album finishes with an invitation. But the invitation extends far beyond the person in question. It is for anyone who listens to the album. So take a step through my looking glass and see the world from my side.

Look At You
Wrong Before The Right
If You’d Life Your Life
I’m Not Talking About
Too Much Is Not Enough
Step Into My World

words and music by Andrew Maz

Andrew Maz – vocals, keyboards, drums
David Ozab – guitars, backup vocals

Engineered by David Ozab
Produced by Andrew Maz

Recorded 07/94 – 08/94 Long Beach, CA

©1994 Andrew Maz Music
all rights reserved